M& Z Dimitrov Renovations Inc are the experts you need if you demand ultra seamless drywall installation, repairs, taping, mudding and finishing.


·          Drywall Repair

·          Installation

·          Mudding, Finishing, Patching

·         ​ Stain Blocking

·          Crack and hole repair

·          Ceiling Repair

M&Z Dimitrov Renovations Inc. can handle everything from regrouting, to complete floor and wall tile installation. We will work with you to choose the right look and style.


·         Backsplash and flooring

·         Bathroom showers & tub surrounds

·         Caulking and grouting

·         Professional consultation


Your bathroom is your sanctuary. If it now deserves a new look and functionality, by undertaking a complete remodel with new tiling, shower, faucets, toilet, tub and vanity, We will help rejuvenate its lost appeal into a modern functional oasis once again. From installing new fixtures, mirrors and lighting to complete new painting, grouting and caulking.


  •    Minor Plumbing Repairs

  •    Drywall Repairs

  •    Tile Repair and Installations

  •    Vanity & Mirror Repairs

  •    Bathroom Fan Installations


Call us today for a free consultation where we will work within your budget and show you modern available options which are not only functional but also affordable.






A professional paint finish can only be achieved by having the right tools and the proper techniques to do the job properly. Dimitrov Renovations provides in house and condo painting. From minor touch ups to refreshing an entire room with a splash of new colour, we will help you achieve any look you desire.


Dimitrov Renovation is skilled in colour selection and matching and can offer shade and texture suggestions to suit any decor. We are detail oriented, so we can ensure that all work areas and furnishings are "prepped" and protected from paint splatter, making sure to clean up right after the job is finished.


·         Touch Ups

·         Interior and exterior painting

·         Colour matching & touch ups

·         Setup, Prepare, Paint, Clean Inspect

·         Full Interior Design

Kitchens today are ground zero for meal preparation and socializing. So if you're thinking about upgrading the current look of your kitchen with a modern makeover, not only will it look great afterwards but it will serve as a warm and inviting meeting place for your family and guests.


So if you're looking to upgrade your flooring and backsplash, replace your counters and cabinets;

M&Z Dimitrov Renovations Inc.is the place to call.






M&Z Dimitrov Renovations Inc. takes pride in presenting a simplified, transparent and fair pricing policy. We offer a quote on larger projects. Many smaller jobs can be quoted instantly over the phone or by email. Call us today, we would be happy to assist you.


M& Z Dimitrov Renovations Inc specializes in some carpentry repairs and remodels, as we have expertise in stairwell installations and remodeling and furnishing old and installing new staircases in residential and commercial properties.